Artist Statement

My work began with my drawings and paintings reflecting emotions. I used colours to represent each emotion as I had a strong correlation with them. My style then converted into photography, something I have always been passionate about. Even though my media changed I still kept the same theme of colour. My theme then transformed into representing the neurological condition Synesthesia. Synesthesia is a genetic disorder regarding the correlation of the five senses; it occurs when two or more senses work together simultaneously. By using my Synesthesia, I was able to create vivid bright, colourful images to portray the subject. However, for this year I wanted to move away from this as I found it difficult trying to represent something so intense with a photograph. Instead, I have been researching and delving into Colour Theory. Something I have always been interested in since high school. In my Major Research Project, I did a Primary Research study involving Colour Theory and Synesthesia. I asked High school students’ what words and feelings they associated with different colours. I am using these results to influence my photoshoots.                                                                            

 I use colour to get my idea across in a photo, and I think I will be relying on this for my project this year. I have seen my style evolve from an amateur into what is becoming professional, and I think my primary form of photography is portraiture. I find working with a model gives me full control over my photoshoots, as I set up the shoots and can get my models to wear what I need and can tell them what I need from them. It is incredible to see how far my style has grown over the years without ever straying too far away from where I started. My theme seems to have done a full circle and I am right back where I started – looking into what different colours portray and how we as people perceive those colours.  My photos are full of vibrant colour with models and props to reflect what that colour means and represents. I am using the results from my Dissertation primary research, secondary research and my own associations, to get these colour representations.



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