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Emily MacKenzie (b.1998) is a Scottish-born artist based in the highlands and islands. She studied at the University of the Highlands and Islands and holds a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice. 
MacKenzie started off her degree with a passion for colour, which she conveyed through her drawings and paintings. It was in her 2nd year that she changed her style entirely into photography, yet still keeping colour as the main focus of all her work. 
MacKenzie’s love of colour stems from her condition of Synesthesia – a neurological condition that links two or more of the five senses together. MacKenzie sees letters, numbers and even feelings as colours which have helped influence her photographs. In the 4th year of her degree, MacKenzie’s work then proceeded into Colour Theory and how people perceive colour. Colour has always been the main subject of study throughout Mackenzie's work and will continue to be. MacKenzie's photos remain to be full of bright, bold colours.
MacKenzie has exhibited in several different galleries around the Highlands. In 2016 she displayed work at two exhibitions, one at the Kingsmill's hotel as part of the Scottish Landscape Exhibition. MacKenzie also exhibited in a 3D group exhibition in the An t-Eilean Gallery. 
In 2018 MacKenzie exhibited with her classmates in the annual End of Year Show, in the Breakout Gallery located in the Inverness College UHI. In 2019 she exhibited at the first End of Year Degree Show, at Dickson's Car Garage, Inverness. MacKenzie is part of her upcoming final Degree Show ‘111’, held at Inverness WASPS, Creative Academy and Perth Creative Exchange.



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