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Feeling blue

Updated: Apr 6

Blue is the colour that most people associate with coldness and sadness. I wanted to reflect that cold and vulnerable feeling in this shoot. The blue jumper and the blue hat make you believe she is cold, as well as her pulling her sleeves over her hands. The soft puppy dog eyes make you believe she is vulnerable and sad.

This shoot was done by using an A1 blue sheet of paper as the background and a blue hat and jumper. Very simple yet very effective.

I also put some blue eyeshadow underneath the models eyes and as well on her lips to give the illusion that she is cold.

Feeling blue, 2020, Photography.

Editing - Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 - For this photo I did not have to do much editing. I adjusted the levels, brightness, contrast, vibrance and lightened the face. Also edited out the barcode on the paper.





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