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Feathers and Flowers

Updated: Apr 11

For this shoot I wanted to incoorporate colour into a white background instead of the shoot being full of one colour or a contrast of colours. I wanted to see how a photo would look with just one section of accented colour.

To do this I used flowers, since they are all naturally bright and colourful.

The flowers I used were real and from a bunch I bought from Tesco.

I started off with the yellow flowers on their own and gradually built up to having the arrangement I did in the photo below.

I feel like this photoshoot worked out to a certain extent. The idea I had in my head is the exact result of the photos so I am happy in that aspect. Although I feel these photos lack something compared to my other, more imaginative shoots. It was a good chance to practice my portrait shooting though.

For this shoot I used a white background that was already in the studio. Two bunches of flowers from Tesco and a white t-shirt.

To get the flowers to stay on the models head I had to use masking tape. Maybe a strange approach but it worked!

Punk Rocker, 2020, Photography

For editing this photo I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

The only editing I did was brightening the image and making sure the flowers were as vibrant as possible. I also edited out the models nose ring, and gave her lips a warmer tone.



Here are some other edited photos from the shoot:


This shoot is similar to the above one regarding the crown idea. I wanted to use an army of feathers to get a splash of colour. By using the white background I have eliminated all other colour so the focus is on the face and crown.

I again used tape to tape the flowers to the models head.

These are not the strongest photos of mine, I feel, but I think the idea was strong and the execution was not too bad, and I am happy with the outcome.

Crest, 2020, Photography

For editing this photo I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

I brightened the whole photo and made the background whiter. I made the feathers even more vibrant and edited out the models nose ring.



Other photos from this shoot



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Woman in a Greenhouse


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