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Fruit Shoots

Updated: Apr 6


For this photoshoot I wanted to use props, as I have always used models for portraits.

The props had to be naturally colourful and something I could incorporate with a model easily. I chose fruit because fruit has a natural vibrant colour.

To begin with I chose watermelons,

There were a lot of fun things to do with melons and we played around for a while before getting the right shot. These two images below are the final two from the water melon shoot.

I chose the idea to have red as the background because I did not want the melons to fade into a green background. The striking contrast also makes a more dynamic effect with the models jeans.

Melons, 2019, Photography

I am aware of the controversy from these two photos as people may not see the funny side in having watermelon boobs. The photo doesn’t have anything to do with feminism or sex. Although I do like the sex appeal to the photo. It did however lead me into researching about feminism in photography and how we perceive women in photos. If this photo was a man would it get the same attention?

For these photos I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 to for editing.

I brightened the photo and adjusted the vibrance, and also edited out the models tattoo.



The idea behind it was that it would be a fun idea and a lighthearted photoshoot reflecting my theme on Synesthesia and colour.


The second fruit I chose was bananas since they also have a very vibrant colour. I chose to have the same colour background as yellow is a very harsh contrast to any colour.

I did add a pop of colour into the models face by asking her to wear red/orange lipstick.

There are some concerns for this shoot as the ‘banana gun’ may come across as insensitive to people with mental health issues and people who struggle with being suicidal.

This however is not the point I was trying to get across at all. It was just a suitable pose to do with a banana since the other poses did not work as well. It did however lead me into more research about how we perceive photos. For this shoot I used 2 A1 sheets of yellow paper for the background and a real banana.

Banana gun, 2019, Photography

For these photos I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 to edit.

I adjusted the brightness and contrast, saturation and vibrance.

I also had to edit the background as where the two sheets of paper joined.

I also edited out the models tattoo since it was very prominent and not part of my style of work, and edited other nose ring.



These are some more photos from the shoot, that I liked but did not make the final cut.

I feel there is controversy in this photo as well, as it could be seen as women not being strong.



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Woman in a Greenhouse


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