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Mother Nature

Updated: Apr 6

Another shot from my colour theory shoot.

Mother Nature is supposed to reflect the calming nature that people associate the colour green with. Her natural doe eyed expression is calming with the ‘halo’ of branches emitting am innocence.

This shoot was done with an A1 sheet of green paper, a fake easter birds nest, and a fake plant that I cut up and stuck onto the nest.

I also got the model to wear green makeup to match the background.

Mother Nature, 2020, Photography

Editing - Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 - Brightness and doge tool for lightening the face and eyes. Vibrance and saturation to enhance the colour. Cropped the background and took out the models nose ring.



More photos from the shoot

Another photo from this shoot that I like but not as a final. I found the nest with the fake eggs in it as a distraction to the green. Also the makeup was too heavy.



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Woman in a Greenhouse


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