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Purple Party

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Purple has been associated with feeling excited, so what else is more exciting than a birthday party! I thought the two most prominent parts of a birthday party is cake and balloons. I like the childlike atmosphere this creates, an innocent party - very different from all my other shoots as they tend to be very sexual.

For this shoot I used an A1 purple sheet of paper for the background. Baloons, cupcakes and candles from Tesco, and purple t-shirt from Primark. I also got the model to put a hint of purple eyeshadow on.

The balloon is taped to the wall to stop it falling down and to give the illusion that it is full of helium.

Purple Party, 2020, photography

Editing - Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 - The blonde hair and the purple creates a contrast and the hair came up a little yellowy - which I had to edit on photoshop.

I also adjusted the levels, contrast, brightness and vibrance to enhance the photo.

I got rid of the unnecessary background and took out the models nose ring.



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