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Squeaky clean

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Yellow = Happiness

Another photo from my recent photoshoot playing with colour. My idea for this shoot was to have a fun positive vibe. I want my photos to emit silliness and to be pleasing to the eye. Yellow Is a fun happy colour and I wanted the photo to reflect that, which is why I used a rubber duck as they are used in comedies and a lot of jokes.

This shoot was done by using an A1 yellow sheet of paper as a background, a yellow towel from Tesco and a rubber duck from boots.

The bubbles in the photo are from a soap dispenser that I foamed up and painted on her, to give the illusion she has just gotten out of the bath.

Squeaky clean, 2019, Photography

Editing Adobe photoshop CC 2018 - For this photo I had to lighten it a bit because the lighting in the room changed and got a little darker. For this I used brightness, levels and the dodge tool. I also adjusted the saturation and vibrance.



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